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Paula Gibson, Realtor®


"Where Green Fairways Meet Blue Horizons: Your Realty Ace for Golf & Yacht Living."

As a Jacksonville, Florida native who boasts the academic pedigree of a Florida State University graduate coupled with a sterling career in the food industry, I am your connoisseur guide to the architectural wonders, historical tapestry, and natural majesty that define Northeast Florida. In this stunning landscape of myriad possibilities, Queen’s Harbour holds a special key to my heart.

I was captivated by Queen’s Harbour back in 1990 when the developer’s idyllic vision unfurled before me—a sanctuary where families could revel in a sumptuous golf and boating lifestyle, all while communing with nature's splendors: the crystal clarity of spring-fed lagoons, the poetic expanse of coastal marshlands, verdant enclaves of preserved wilderness, magnificent oak canopies, and the captivating tableau of coastal wildlife. My family promptly invested in this dream, becoming founding members of what would grow to be an illustrious community. In 1992, we graced our first custom-built mansion, and Queen’s Harbour has been our family’s palatial home for over three decadent decades.

My heart swells with cherished memories of my daughter and her friends flourishing in this extraordinary setting—gaining their aquatic accolades at swimming meets, delving into vibrant summer programs, embarking on exhilarating family nautical adventures, refining their swings at golfing events, and mingling amidst the elite at the community's country club. This is the enclave where bonds are forever forged and where memories acquire the golden hue of eternity.

As a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist and a distinguished member of the CLHM Guild, I specialize in the nuanced realm of high-end real estate. I serve a discerning client base that seeks both luxury and confidentiality. My intimate knowledge of the Queen's Harbour property landscape is unparalleled, and my expansive social network allows me the privilege of identifying unparalleled homes even before they grace the public marketplace.

I cordially invite you to enlist my expertise for your next opulent real estate transaction. Let us traverse this journey together, making your dreams of luxury living in Queen’s Harbour a dazzling reality.

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